Wartungsplaner v6
Preventive servicing and maintenance is the basis for undisturbed and perfect working of your machinery. Coordinate all maintenance works with Wartungsplaner, no matter if there are exact intervals, fixed time tables, calendar weeks or certain hours of operation.
To get the certification after ISO 9001 you need a documentation of your machinery which you get with Wartungsplaner.


RealTimeBackup v3
RealTimeBackup v3 can back up their files continuously, whether on an internal hard drive, another external hard drive, a USB flash drive or in your local network. RealTimeBackup v3 backs up your data as a copy to another drive so that your personal files, such as vacation photos, etc. are not lost when you change your computer, your computer gets broken by a hardware failure or you accidentally delete files. Then you can retrieve these files back from the backup.


DisCatalog v3
With DisCatalog you can catalog all your disks regardless of which kind of storage medium: hard disks, CDs, DVDs, Audio-CDs, MP3, digital cards like cards in digital cameras etc. You can import an existing database of the previous version 2.0 directly. It's possible to catalog previews of every file: contents of Word-, Excel-files (e.g. docx, xlsx), thumbnails of pictures and photos (e.g. jpg),...


Please note
The products Audio-CD-Archiv, Bucharchiv and DVD-Video-Archiv are currently not available at our store. Due to changes in usage policies of certain Amazon services that are being referenced within the products, the functionality of those products is currently limited. We are committed to find a solution to this problem, but cannot give any estimates regarding the necessary timeframe to resolve the issue. In case that you would still like to acquire a license despite those limitations in functionality, please write a short message to our customer service.

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